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Personal & Interactive Video is a simple way to create personalized and interactive videos.

Ease of use

There is a simple and quick process: upload your master video, select your variables (text, image, audio, video), and click on the send button.


Personalized videos are varied by customer data. You can address your clients by name or give special offers customized with information from your CRM system.


Clickable buttons are embedded into interactive videos. Your customers can navigate between contents, step forward, get information and buy at their own will.


Any internet enabled device can serve as a method of delivery. Messages can be delivered within an application, in an e-mail, you can text it, tweet it or post it.

Why PersonalVideo is awesome?

Success Factor

The human brain can process videos sixty-times faster than written text. It is important to involve not just the auditory and visual, but through interactivity the tactile sensory systems also. With personalized and interactive solutions these videos will become more memorable and there is a 41 % better recall performance. Such videos can manage to increase the Click Through Ratio tenfold and double conversion rates.

Interactive Video

We focus on customer-engagement and full user-immersion through interactivity. Users will feel that they control the way of communication. They will give you valuable feedback, while receiving the most relevant information. Personal & Interactive technologies will help you to build a closer connection with your customer and increase their loyalty.


Customers want and expect companies to customize their services. With our technology you can boost the effectiveness of your communication with mass produced and individually tailored video messages.

Our Team

Meet the people who make awesome stuffs

Cognitive psychologist and experienced market researcher with special interest in consumer behavior and the psychology of advertising. His can-do-attitude is always at hand and can easily find solutions.


Chief Scientist

Marketing and corporate communications professional with strong organisational and project management skills. With her multinational corporate background she is the backbone to transmit coherence and credibility through our communications.



Perfectionist and an obsessed coder with technical as well as agency background. His adaptive personality helps to fulfill the need of our clients any time with maximum satisfaction.



Visionary leader, with passion and professionalism. Previously worked as sales director and strategic advisor for more than 10 years. His experience and aspiring persona is leading the team to success.


Founder and CEO

Our Portfolio

Personalized and interactive videos offer solutions for companies in the following sectors: banking, telecommunication, insurance, retail, utilities etc. The more customers you have, the more important for you to apply automated solutions in your customer communication.

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