4 ways to become more efficient in your customer communication

The world is changing rapidly, along with the needs of your customers. It is not enough to focus on the innovation, you also have to outsmart your competitors in this growing marketplace. It is becoming more difficult to remain unique and outstanding. Then what is the ideal solution?  

1. Use video!  

Did you know that in 3 years, 80% of Internet traffic will be video? For example, each year people upload 4 times more videos on Facebook than they did in the previous year. Why? The answer is very simple: the human brain can process videos much faster than written texts and it means more information in the same amount of time. So first of all your customer can save time.  

2. Personalize!  

Your customers like when you communicate personally with them and hearing their name they will quickly rise up their head. They adore when you talk with them and initiate a conversation. Just ask your site visitors about themselves and you can immediately address them with specially tailored offers or any relevant messages. A video can be personalized in two ways: One hand you can call customers by name in order to grab their attention. On the other hand using information and data from your CRM system you can prepare tailored, unique offers to each of them to motivate them for purchasing. This is why we call personalized video data-driven customer communication.  

3. Make it interactive!  

When your customer or any prospects can click on a video and navigate through the content upon their interest they will be charmed. These customers will more likely decide to purchase your product or service than in case of a more static way of communication. We call a video interactive when clickable elements are embedded into it. Your customers can navigate between contents, step forward, get information and buy at their own will. In other words, interective videos are customer driven communication tools.  

4. Communicate with interactive and personalized video!  

Have you ever seen online customers smiling during their purchase? Well, this is what personalized and interactive video will result. If one can watch a video in which he is greeted by his name and can immediately arrange certain matters by one click will result great customer satisfaction. No wonder, this is an effective way of communiction.