Are you conscious enough in your customer communication?

A company that truly knows their customers knows what information its customers need and when. Video raises the stakes to broaden how that information is transferred. With engagement on everyone’s mind, take the time to understand where the use of personalized and interactive videos will truly delight your customer. The best timing is right after your customer has identified himself. This is the point when you can attack with the most forceful communication. For what purposes can you use personalized and interactive videos?

1. Online Customer Care

The more customers you have, the larger customer care organization you run. Inevitably, your call center must focus on customer complaints, bill matters, and any other problem-solving issues. If you customize the most common problems, process them in personalized videos and make them available online, you can successfully reduce the overload of your offline customer services. Due to personalized and interactive videos, you can easily succeed in having online customer care acting equally to your call center or personal customer services. Even your debt management team can find a friendly solution to send personalized messages that are well received by your customers. Such videos can be watched at home in a peaceful and secluded area.

2. Sales Solutions

Your sales team must deliver significant results day by day, so it might be a great help for them if you reduce the paperwork. Some standardizable actions can be taken with personalized videos. By using PersonalVideo’s new solution, you can send interactive videos as customized presales messages, or follow up messages. Thanks to this automated solution, you can utilize your existing customer data, and reduce your costs so your team can focus on even more customers every day. These videos are 89% more efficient in sales compared to traditional videos and can double your conversion rates, compared to usual e-mail marketing campaigns. As a result, the customer lifetime value is increasing and your customers stay loyal.

3. Marketing Communications 

Personalized & interactive videos are an unusual and surprising communication tool. Your customers will be more likely to enjoy them over traditional content. In one of our pilots, we were able to increase the Click Through Ratio from 7% to 72%. Your customers will be able to recall more details later on. Its obvious reason is that you involve more senses of your customer and a tailored offer might touch them even emotionally.