The benefits of personalization

Email is not dead!

Have you noticed that more people seem to react to a Facebook message or an email if you address them one-by-one (e.g. by name, location, or field of interest), than if you send the same message to all of them, saying ‘Hi Everyone’? Something like this is happening in the leading marketing agencies that are exploring the effects of personalized email communications. Studies have shown that emails focusing on the personal interests of the recipients are the most effective, making the recipients more interested in the marketed products and services in 81% of the cases. 82% of all subjects even said that they wouldn’t mind receiving more emails if the messages were more personal, and fitting to their interests and shopping habits. While this may seem less than obvious in the era of spam and mass e-mails, it does make sense: it is easier to browse through a couple more emails if they contain information you’re actually interested in. Naturally, personalizing emails comes at a price: these more effective marketing tools take more work to send out, as the processes of taking the future recipients’ data (either by questionnaires or by analyzing their shopping habits), defining their interests and constructing the message itself, while taking these factors into account have to be developed. Needless to say, this also takes more creative work to emphasize the feeling of personal attention being given to the individual in question. So far, the benefits seem to outweigh the required efforts, and we’re interested in seeing how personal the content of our inbox will become in the foreseeable future.