Which video platform suits you better?

If you want to make a lasting impression in online video-marketing, YouTube is the platform you gotta go for. Facebook shows the “present”, whatever has happened yesterday is already miles away on your news-feed. A brand’s Youtube channel can, however, further increase the marketing-value of previously uploaded videos with successful new campaigns. For advertisers, success is when the viewers react in a fashion similar to a wave. If the most current campaign manages to increase views of previously uploaded video content, it creates a sort of resonance. This resonance (in other words, the increase in viewership for older videos) is a good measurement of how successful your video-marketing is. And by doing all that you not only gain more views on your older videos, but more people will share the aforementioned content as well, thereby strengthening the connection between brand and customer.

In order to accomplish the previously mentioned levels of resonance, you need the following things:

  • The uploaded video has to be in sync with your older content
  • Timing is everything, and your campaign cannot miss a beat in this regard either
  • Your chosen platform (YouTube, for example) has to support video-content

Point of interest: On Facebook only about 5% of the views per video come from previously uploaded content.