Youtube on your phone – viewing time & engagement

According to Youtube’s 2015 Q2 report, the average viewing time of their videos have increased by 60% when compared to the previous year. The same numbers, however, have doubled on mobile devices.

Right now there are more people watching Youtube on their mobiles, than there are watching cable television in the USA. It is a safe prediction to expect video content to become even more popular on mobiles devices in the future. Measuring views also happens to be very simple on phones, as running videos in the background is not yet supported on most devices. There is a 200-300% increase in the number of people arriving on the Youtube main page, rather than on a specific video’s page year after year. These users spend more time on the site and they chose the content they want to watch themselves, similar to an interactive television. Currently an average work-session on Youtube lasts for about 40 minutes on mobile devices. This is a 50% increase from the previous year.

Our own research (n=500; 2015) shows that in Hungary, a Youtube session (including both desktop and mobile devices) barely reaches 35 minutes on average. As shown above Hungary is lagging behind the international average, but there still is a similar increase in numbers every year.

For Youtube advertisers: Don’t be afraid to create longer videos!